• TAZMO Analects

TAZMO Analects

あらいなー Pre-aligner

Device which moves the wafer primary flat or notch to the user’s specified position. (The Pre-aligners to adjust an angle and to determine the center of wafer are also available.)


Check the wafer in the cassette.

あなろぐたいぷAnalog type

A continuous, non-digital representation of phenomena. An analog voltage, for example, may take any value.

れーるれすこうぞう Rail-less structure

Rectangular movement is possible, so it is possible to access the cassette arranged in parallel without rail.

ようせつべろーずしーるほうしき Welded bellows (Seal)

Seal the air and vacuum of the Z axis.

べるぬーいふぃんがーBernoulli finger

Jet clean air at the back side of the wafer and float it to clamp the edge.

ぶらんちあーむこうぞうBranch arm structure

To minimize the revolving diameter, two arms with end effectors branches at elbow axis of base arm. This enables faster transfer compare to single arm and less space compare to double arm.

ふりーあくせすろぼっと Free access robot

The robot which moves in both X and Y axis directions

ぴーじくP axis

Revolving axis of changer, or revolving axis of reverse mechanism

ぱーてぃくるふりーはんそうParticle free transportation

No particles are generated on the wafer by transportation in download flow environment about 300mm/sec.

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